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Invest in People with Forbes 30 Under 30, Nina Shini Andersen

November 27, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Nina Shini Andersen Season 12 Episode 2
That Entrepreneur Show
Invest in People with Forbes 30 Under 30, Nina Shini Andersen
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The show stops in Denmark for the first time to interview Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient and 3x Founder, Nina Shini Andersen. In this episode, you will learn why investing in people is vital for long-term success and scalability, how she grew Social Works to have a reach of 400 million followers, find success in multiple countries, and so much more. 

The government in her country has selected to represent her country and company in New York, United States, in February 2022  to gain strategic partnerships and global visibility. The golden nuggets are endless in this episode.

Episode #164 of "That Entrepreneur Show"

Each week, the founder of a company or brand shares what worked for them, what they needed to improve on, and all of their learning lessons along the way.

Nina Shini Andersen is a 3x Founder and Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient.

She is Co-Founder and CEO of Social Works, which has a combined social reach of more than 400 million followers! Yes, you heard that right.

Social Works- full-service creative agency, specializing in Influencer marketing and Public Relations. They  are online marketing experts who help scale your online presence to drive sales, create content, and reach new audiences. 

Clients: Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Augustinus Bader, Nespresso, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more.

Scandinavian Jewelry Group- Leading co-founder of Scandinavian Jewelry Group

Premium People Network- Partner and co-founder of Premium People, which is an Aarhus based company that provides BTC strategies on Instagram and product placements in Northern Europe.


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