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After Leaving Corporate, Her Former Firm Became Her First Client

January 06, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Kaitlyn Study Season 7 Episode 2
That Entrepreneur Show
After Leaving Corporate, Her Former Firm Became Her First Client
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Vincent A. Lanci interviews a different entrepreneur from around the world on each episode. He records interviews in all industries to provide different perspectives. You never know which motivational journey will motivate you most.

Want to know what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur? Well, you came to the right place! Hear real-life, authentic stories and accounts from entrepreneurs each week.

For the 104th episode of the series and 2nd Episode of Season 7, Vincent A. Lanci brings on Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Kaitlyn Study.

Like many of your listening on, she started the company as a side-hustle after helping her prior company, a local dermatology practice, double in size in the two and a half years she was there.

After taking her first job off of Craigslist post-college, she is now the Founder of South Street & Co. and opened her doors back in 2015. She also has begun her latest endeavor, 


Some of her achievements include having being a Neon Swan Award Winner, having over 200+ keywords ranking in the #1 position, features in the OBJ’s Book of Lists 4 years in a row, and a OBJ Best Marketing Agency nominee.

Now, over 5 years later, she and her team specialize in helping small to medium sized service-based businesses grow their reach online. She has come a long way over this time period with a ton of stories to help you reach whatever your definition of success is. 


Get ready to grow your business and mindset with Kaitlyn Study.  

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